Sunday, December 11, 2011

Departmental Mapping Communication Studies

   Departmental Mapping Post
*Faculty Page*

                When I take a look at the Communications department website, I notice how welcoming it is, and one of the biggest things I notice is how fun learning can be. It can be fun because everyone in the videos for the department look like they are happy, and engaged, especially the faculty. While browsing through the site, I wanted to take a look at the faculty page. I recognize that a lot of the professors/ lecturers are people I know, because I was in their class or I met them in the communications lab. I love how helpful they all are and it has made me gain so much more respect for my major, because they have persuaded me that communications is more than what people assume. 
A lot of the professors I have had classes with are on the website, and it makes me feel great to have had some of these professors, because I am comfortable when I pick my classes.  I know pretty much whoever I pick will be good. I like when I am registering for classes and I see a name like professor Varona or professor Morrison. I love having professors who care about their students and are always willing to respond to e-mails. Even though I have named these two professors, I am sure if I named others, it has been the same. Whereas, when talking to my friends who are in other majors, they don't always find help so easy coming.  
According to Warren and Fasset, positionalities is where we stand in relation to various categories or elements of difference-those markers that make us different from each other, whether race, economic background or ability. (Warren and Fasset 69) I feel that even though the professors I have had stand in different relations with me, if I need anything when it comes to class that they will be there to answer any questions I have.
It is a good feeling to take other classes with professors I have already taken.  And knowing the way they teach, because then I can recommend them to friends. The teachers in the comm department are always happy, and ready to teach, which makes me ready to learn. As a communications major, by having good positive teachers, it is important because like professor Terry stated in one of the past classes, we need to look at our professors like they’re our bosses now, because they (teachers) won’t be able to help us later. 
         Also by having teachers who care, makes the learning environment much more fun, from taking some of the communication courses, it has taught me to enjoy my major a lot more. If I like what I am doing, and whom I am around, then hopefully later on in life my good judgment will pass on into whatever career path I chose, and good job I get into. Lastly, Warren and Fasset say how, “Our positionalities, our point of view, shape our perceptions”.  I know that when I graduate, I will think back about these professors and the relationships I had with them, and how much they taught me during my experience as a communications major, and I will never forget it.